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My name's Liudmila Barvalina. I'm a felinologist, head of  British Cats Cattery Lusy-mur, registered in the International Association ASSOLUX in November 5, 2015 (registration number 4916) and located in Moscow, Russia

International Association ASSOLUX  was established in 1986, and along with other international associations such as FIFe, CFA, TICA, WCF, etc., is a critical link among the governing luxurious world of the cat breeding fraternity.

My Cattery is monobreed, engaged in professional breeding of high-quality British cats of rare colors -  Silver and gold  «Point» (bri ns1133, bri ns1233, bri ny1233, bri ny1133) and gold ticked (bri ny12, bri ny11, bri ay12, bri ay11, bri ay25, bri ny 25). The main purpose of the Cattery - getting beautiful and high quality on breed characteristics kittens having good health, balanced temperament, massive skeleton, short padded coat, round head and fascinating bright eyes: emerald / olive color in  golden kittens, and blue - in silver and golden "point."

If you are interested in British cats, if you want to have a really high-quality kitten filling your world  with harmony and happiness then you've come to the best web-site! Despite the fact that Lusy-mur is a young cattery, the work on breeding of top-quality representatives of the British breed in the colors mentioned above is launched and successfully carried out, thanks for our competent and professional methods of selection of high-breed procreators.

I'm sure you can find a kitten that will conquer your heart forever.
The page provides information about the animals involved in the breeding program of our cattery. This is a genetically healthy, selected according to the highest standards.


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you can see kittens that are currently available in the cattery. For booking you need to make a deposit for the kitten in the amount of 30% of its price.

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you can always contact me about all issues and express your suggestions, wishes to reserve desired kitten in the future. I'm always open for dialogues and ready to assist you.

If you have any questions - write to me

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